Participants and paper titles

  • Francesco Stella: Computing analysis of literary language: stylometry and authorship detection by Lexicon and other software (special lecture)
  • Marco Passarotti: The Treebanked Conspiracy: actors and actions in Bellum Catilinae (special lecture)
  • Odd Einar Haugen: The case for philology in digital studies
  • Giuseppe Celano: Converting the Ancient Greek and Latin Dependency Treebank into Universal Dependencies: a linguistic and computational challenge
  • Wim Berkelmans: A syntactic layer for LASLA using statistical constraint dependency grammar
  • Teemu Roos: Machine learning and the evolution of fairy tales and other cultural artefacts
  • Alexandra Simonenko: The semantics​ of definiteness in Medieval French: Substituting statistical modelling for the speakers' judgements
  • Erik Henriksson: Challenges in the Automatic Detection of Metrical Units in Ancient Greek Poetry
  • Marko Halonen: Digital approaches to medieval calendars
  • Hanne Eckhoff: Syntactic preprocessing of Old Russian chronicles – worth the effort?
  • Federico Aurora: The linguistic annotation of Mycenaean Greek texts
  • Line Engh: Title to be announced
  • Rembert Eufe, Elisabeth Reichle & Lars Döhling: The annotation of Latin texts in PaLaFra, an electronic corpus for research on the transition from Latin to Old French
  • Timo Korkiakangas: Spoken Language behind Written Texts: Treebanking Medieval Latin Charters
  • Dag Haug: Title to be announced
  • Tuomas Heikkilä: Title to be announced

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